3 Chemicals to Avoid in Your Deodorant

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Deodorant may be a blissfully effortless step in your morning routine. You spend hours scrutinizing over which personal care products to use, but find yourself reapplying a deodorant you grabbed, without thought, from the store. You can’t fathom leaving your house without it- but do you know what’s in it?

It’s time to give your deodorant the same attention you give to your other personal care products.

Although deodorant sits on top of your skin, what does it do if absorbed?


3 Potentially Dangerous Chemicals in Deodorant

  • Aluminum 
  • Aluminum is the active ingredient in many deodorants and antiperspirants. This chemical is used to prevent sweat from reaching the surface of your skin but may pose a problem if it penetrates your skin’s barrier. Several studies suggest that aluminum may have an estrogen-like effect on skin cells. While these studies are inconclusive in linking aluminum directly to breast cancer development or Alzheimer’s disease, estrogen has been connected to these diseases. Therefore, as aluminum may have an estrogen-like effect on cells, scientists theorize that aluminum may also play a role in the onset of these diseases.

  • Parabens
  • Parabens are often used as preservatives in deodorants to prevent bacteria growth. Similar to aluminum, parabens may mimic the function of estrogen once they are absorbed by the skin. Although studies concerning parabens and cancer are also inconclusive, parabens have been found in breast tumors. However, as parabens are found in many skin tissues, this is likely not a link.


  • Triclosan
  • Triclosan is an antibacterial that may be used in deodorants to kill odor causing germs. While it is still uncertain how triclosan directly impacts the human body, animal studies have shown that large quantities may decrease the level of certain thyroid hormones. Like aluminum and parabens, triclosan may cause negative effects on the body as it interferes with hormone function.


    What should I look for when buying Deodorant?

    Although the studies concerning these chemical additives are relatively inconclusive, you may be interested in finding a natural deodorant to avoid these ingredients all together.

    AllPeople recognizes the benefits of natural deodorants and carries several brands of aluminum, paraben, and triclosan free products. Whether you are looking for a mist, a spray, or an invisible solid, you are sure to find a deodorant that can be effortlessly added to your routine!


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