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 “We are turning traditional unconscious and irresponsible consumerism into conscious and responsible consumerism which is a powerful tool for large scale social and environmental change”

-Bill Wollrab


Foundations of AllPeople

Bill Wollrab, founder and CEO of AllPeople, envisioned a business capable of addressing economic inequality. A company that puts people and their planet before profits. As an experienced angel investor and entrepreneur who has created careers in investment real estate and investment banking, Bill saw a community and planet need that was not being fulfilled.

Before starting AllPeople, Bill co-founded The Yard House restaurant chain which was sold to the Olive Garden for $585 million in 2012. With the passing of the 2016 JOBS act, Bill recognized a new opportunity for people and planet benefit. The following year, Bill began working with a group of cal poly interns to develop a business model that could address economic inequality- which he feels is the root of many socio-economic issues. 

In order to compete with mammoth corporations like Amazon and Walmart, Bill knew he would have to create a disruptively new business model. Bill believed that to offset the norm, consumers must have a vested interest in the company that supplies the products they utilize on a regular basis.

Buy Better. Give More

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Inspired by non-profits such as Common Cause as well as environmental groups addressing climate change, Bill found a way to further foster consumer excitement. AllPeople has the unique ability to stack benefits for customers who strive to be socially responsible and/or eco-conscious. Bill knew that there would be an overlap of appeal for environmentally or socially conscious groups and people that are empathetic, altruistic, and selfless.

Bill’s original vision for AllPeople is upheld by our values today. AllPeople pledges to supply consciously vetted products that are healthy, safe, and ethical. We are “earth first” and stock products that are gentler on earth in content and shipping method with the help of Carbon Lighthouse. Most importantly, AllPeople always gives back as 5% of each purchase goes to a non-profit of the consumer’s choice.

With these values the AllPeople model was formed for all people. An equity funded business with a national drop-shipping model that can be owned by the customers. A democratic business model addressing economic inequality.


The Future of AllPeople

To Bill, AllPeople is more than an ecommerce shop, it is a community of like-minded socially and environmentally conscious consumers, companies, and non-profit organizations. 

For the future of AllPeople, Bill strives to launch an AllPeople brand of private label products. Bill also looks forward to the growth of the AllPeople community, composed of like-minded non-profits and consumers.

We thank you for allowing us to re-imagine how you interact with the brands you purchase on a regular basis. You have empowered AllPeople to provide an ecommerce platform that sources sustainable and eco-friendly products that focus on minimizing carbon footprint. We cherish your support and continue to give back to people and our planet with your help!

Bill’s Favorite Youtube Videos

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