Burt’s Bees: What’s all the buzz?

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By Madeleine Pearce

When it comes to beauty products, you know it’s best to leave the chemicals out of it to protect your skin. But finding the perfect product isn’t just about making sure it’s safe for the environment; you need something that gets the job done. Whether it’s soap, makeup, or even just an everyday lotion, your perfect product should make your life a little easier while treating the planet with the love it deserves. 

That’s where Burt’s Bees comes in; with natural products and absolutely no animal testing, it’s hard to bee-lieve a product can help you and the environment in so many ways. With dozens of products for your skin, makeup, lips, and hair, there’s something for everyone. Each product in its golden recycled packaging is cruelty-free and made responsibly in accordance with AllPeople’s high standards, where environmentally-friendly and safe goods are key.

So what exactly sets Burt’s Bees apart and makes it one of our favorite brands?

Simple, natural ingredients in every product

Every Burt’s Bees product is filled with natural ingredients without any unnecessary additives so you know exactly what you’re using on your body. This means no harmful chemicals that hurt your body or the environment. Every ingredient serves a purpose, meaning there aren’t any dangerous chemicals hiding in the small print of the product’s label. For example, take shea butter, beeswax, and royal jelly; three all-natural ingredients that are the basis for just a few of Burt’s Bees’ most popular products.

Shea butter is made from shea tree fruit and its fatty acids help moisturize your skin. As a moisturizer, it keeps your skin hydrated and smooth so you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. If you want to try it for yourself, check out Burt’s Bees shea butter hand repair cream to keep your hands looking and feeling their best. 

Much like shea butter, beeswax is also a healthy natural moisturizer. But it does more than just help your skin heal; it also works to help bind ingredients together in products like lotions and different types of makeup. Made by honeybees, beeswax makes up the honeycombs in hives. After the wax is melted, it’s added to Burt’s Bees cosmetics like baby multipurpose ointment. It’s the perfect remedy for your child’s skin to keep their skin happy and healthy.

Royal jelly, another natural ingredient made by honeybees, is popular in Burt’s Bees skin care products because it contains different types of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. Packed with minerals, vitamin C, vitamin E, and hundreds of other nutrients, royal jelly helps keep skin healthy and smooth. Try nourishing night cream made with royal jelly to feel refreshed and take care of your skin while you sleep. Make sure your skin gets the love and care that you know it deserves!

Ingredients from ethical sources

Every natural ingredient in Burt’s Bees products is sourced responsibly to make sure the people and the planet are prioritized. When it comes to getting natural and healthy ingredients for everything from hand salve to blemish sticks, AllPeople and Burt’s Bees understand the importance of protecting the environment while making sure the production of each ingredient is sustainable. 

At AllPeople, we vet each product so you know you’re not getting anything with ingredients derived from unethical sources. That’s why we feature Burt’s Bees products; we know they also look closely at where each ingredient in their products comes from. Each specific location makes a difference depending on broad aspects like laws or specific influences like community impact. 

Burt’s Bees also pays close attention to the quality of each ingredient, just like AllPeople. Quality matters for you and for the planet; products with unnecessary artificial ingredients aren’t always the best for your body, and they might pose a threat to the health of the environment. Unnatural ingredients also can impact water by polluting it and reducing the quality of resources the community needs. Burt’s Bees even looks out for honeybee health and makes sure no product harms them!

The relationship with the people or company supplying the ingredients also needs to be ethical, or Burt’s Bees won’t partner with them. AllPeople puts people and the planet over profit, which is why we support Burt’s Bees products and their mission to get involved with local communities who provide ingredients. They look out for possible social impacts to make sure relationships stay positive and beneficial for everyone involved. 

But Burt’s Bees doesn’t just check up on the communities where they get their ingredients; they get involved and help make a difference for the people who live there and support AllPeople’s values along the way. They make sure people have access to clean water and support women’s and children’s rights. It’s not just about people, either. Biodiversity is a key part of keeping the planet healthy, so Burt’s Bees always keeps an eye out for the environment and supports sustainable practices. 

It’s not just what’s inside that counts

While you might not want to judge a book by its cover, it's safe to say packaging makes a big difference for the planet when it comes to the products you purchase. With Burt’s Bees, it’s not just the product that contains sustainable ingredients. The brand’s packaging also protects the environment by taking advantage of recycled plastics and sustainable printing. 

But what exactly is sustainable packaging? For Burt’s Bees, it’s pretty simple. Each product’s packaging has an average of 52% post-consumer recycled material, meaning over half doesn’t end up in landfills or water sources. Most packaging is recyclable after you finish using it! Even the labels themselves are environmentally friendly and avoid artificial ingredients. Inks are made with a vegetable base, meaning there aren’t the same kind of chemical dyes like in other products. 

Plastic has a bad rep for a reason; it’s known to take decades to break down. That’s why Burt’s Bees limits the amount of plastic in their packaging and leaves out any unnecessary pieces. Products like baby wipes don’t have a plastic closure, and just use a sticker. Even the towelettes themselves are sustainable; they’re made out of repurposed cotton!

You can recycle almost every Burt’s Bees package by just putting it in your recycle bin. But if it’s too small or made of an unusual material, Burt’s Bees will pay for shipping your packaging to recycle them. That’s why we love Burt’s Bees at AllPeople; they take the extra step to help the planet wherever possible. 

Nature is a part of all our lives

What do you need to survive? Sure, you might need a cell phone or car everyday, but they’re not exactly critical to live everyday. When it comes down to the basics, we all need clothes, food, water, and air. All of these come from nature, meaning we need clean resources in order to lead healthy lives. That’s why it’s important to care about the environment, and that’s why Burt’s Bees and AllPeople strive to help the planet in every way we can. 

So where does Burt’s Bees come in?

From the first steps of production to recycling after the final use, Burt’s Bees looks at each step to determine the most environmentally-friendly way to proceed. Take their company operations; not a single piece of operational waste has landed in landfills since 2010. Instead, all waste is separated into bins and composted, recycled, or sent to locations where they are used to convert waste to energy. 

Separating trash isn’t a difficult process; it’s just one extra step to take instead of simply tossing it to the landfill. Take the time at home to look at your waste before throwing it in the trash; can you compost it or recycle it? Old food or completely natural products can be composted. Check your community for a place to compost or set up your own composting station in your backyard. If you want to recycle more in your family, remember to look at the packaging of every plastic or aluminum container for the recyclable symbol. It’s more than just cups and cans; don’t forget to check shampoo bottles, boxes, or even laundry detergent bottles. 

Here’s another great part of using Burt’s Bees products: every item you pick up is certified Carbon Neutral, which means it has a limited carbon footprint. Now you can feel good about more than just using it; you can even feel good about how it traveled all the way into your home! 

Just like AllPeople wants to do our part to care for the environment and people, Burt’s Bees goes the extra mile to help and uses their privilege to give back to the communities they impact. While AllPeople lets you choose an organization to support every time you check out, the Burt’s Bees Foundation partners with nonprofits to help protect the planet and the people who live here with grants and volunteer hours. When you buy from AllPeople, you’re able to support more than one! 

Burt’s Bees relies on honeybees for nearly every product, and they understand the critical role bees play in our ecosystems. That’s why they work with the Half-Earth Project to help map thousands of bee species and make sure they’re protected. 

Just as the Burt’s Bees foundation helps support the planet, they offer help for people as well. Burt’s Bees has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to benefit stable housing in communities all over the world, and their employees contribute hundreds of hours every year to volunteer. 

When you buy Burt’s Bees, you’ll know you’re contributing to the greater good. 

No matter what you’re looking for, Burt’s Bees is there for you. Naturally.

When it comes to skin care, it matters what you put on your body. We know you don’t want unnatural irritants that could damage your skin, but we also understand you want something that really works. 

Burt’s Bees has you covered. 

Feel good about what you put on your body, have peace of mind with the packaging, and know that each purchase helps the people and the planet. Between facial cleansers that soften and body lotion that hydrates, you’ll find something for your every skincare need. 

Looking for safe products for the kids? Burt’s Bees has specialized items for your little ones as well. Made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin, you can use Burt’s Bees Baby to give your child the love and care you know they deserve, naturally. The original kids’ nourishing lotion is perfect for daily use, and bubble bath might bring a little more joy to bath time beforehand. 

Whether you need products for specialized facial care or just a basic all-purpose ointment, Burt’s Bees has everything you might need for yourself and the whole family while keeping people and the planet in mind. 

When it comes to Burt’s Bees, you never have to settle. Each purchase helps you, communities around the world, and the planet we all call home. 

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