Healthy Hair Starts at Home

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So you’re doing your best to self-quarantine and slow the spread of coronavirus- but what are you doing for your hair?

While a trip to the salon may feel like a joining of much needed pampering and healthy hair care, what is the lasting impact of this process on your hair and on our environment?

Although a long-awaited salon appointment may be at the top of your to-do list following quarantine, salon visits often rack up expensive bills, can be time consuming, may be environmentally harmful, and could even send you home with extensive hair damage. While you may leave feeling polished and put together, brittle ends and a dull hue may be in your near future.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to curate your own environmentally responsible and nontoxic salon experience. This can even be achieved with a few basic products that boost your hair health, may leave you with more time, help you save a few dollars, and the best part- the setting for your new hair care routine- your own bathroom!


Creating Your Hair Care Routine

Without the help of a professional it may seem a daunting task to develop your own hair care regimen. Simply follow one rule, look for natural products without toxins. Just as healthy soil cultivates a healthy plant, healthy hair starts at the scalp. The first step in creating your personal salon experience is choosing a safe shampoo and conditioner. Whether you feel your hair is dull, dry, damaged, or you are just looking for a new hair treatment, products that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals are a promising start!

Healthy hair grows from the inside out. To further your hair health you may also consider taking supplements to foster hair growth and boost nourished tresses. Adding vitamins such as collagen or biotin to your hair care routine can help to promote increased hair health and strength.

Looking for clean ways to style your hair? If you choose to expand your hair care regimen, you may also incorporate products for shine and styling, deep conditioning, and even hair color and root concealer that are ammonia and resorcinol free. Naturtint and Herbatint offer permanent hair color formulated without harsh chemicals as their ingredients are plant-derived as well as cruelty free and vegan friendly. With natural dyes in an array of colors ranging from black to blonde, Naturtint and Herbatint hair color can help keep your hair nourished and protected at any shade. With these simple nontoxic swaps for common hair products you may retain hair health while looking as if you’ve just stepped out of a salon.


Are Salons Really that Bad?


Harsh ingredients in hair products can unfavorably affect both your hair health and the environment.

Although relaxing at home with your sustainable hair care routine may be just as fun as going to the salon, eco-conscious and natural hair care products can make a notable difference in overall environmental and personal health.

Many common salon grade products such as dyes and treatments contain toxic ingredients that may negatively impact the environment as well as lead to permanent hair damage. While you may leave the salon feeling like your hair has been revived, often, the chemicals used to achieve your new look have led to more harm than repair.

What if there was a salon that used nontoxic and eco-friendly products? As more natural hair care products are developed, some salons such as Green Circle Salons are working towards bettering their environmental impact by donating hair, recycling plastics, and limiting potentially damaging waste.

Green Circle Salons have even developed a tool to help you find other sustainable salons in your area. If setting up your own hair care routine is not for you, making an appointment at an environmentally responsible salon may be another way to support your hair, environment, and community. 


Hair Care During the Pandemic

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Still would rather go to the salon? As many areas today are still impacted by COVID-19, the majority of salons are currently operating at limited capacity with shortened hours. Customers who choose to attend salons face long wait times for appointments on top of their already lengthy hair treatments.

Coronavirus has even caused many salons to close, leaving displaced clients to either look for a new stylist or to wait until a reopening.

Why risk hair and health? With an abundance of naturally produced and eco-conscious hair products available for home use it may be more beneficial to skip the salon altogether. Using nontoxic and sustainable hair care can give you the freedom to self-quarantine while keeping up with your hair care regimen in a healthy and meaningful way.


Healthy Hair is a Lifestyle

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Utilizing nontoxic and environmentally conscious products is a great way to begin your healthy hair journey and it’s important to remember that healthy hair and environmental responsibility are continuous goals. It can seem a challenging task to change your hair care routine to one that incorporates natural DIY color and nontoxic products especially if you regularly frequent your local salon for dye and treatments.

When looking for environmentally safe personal care products, strive to read their ingredient lists and look for additives that are safe, natural, and free of harsh chemicals.

To preserve the hard work that you put into your healthy haircare routine, it may help to avoid applying heat to your hair. A great way to style your natural and self-accomplished look is to try out some fun heatless hairstyles.

Can’t resist? If you decide to use hot tools on your hair such as a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron be sure to use a safe heat protectant to reduce damage and retain moisture.


The Power of Home Hair Care

Stocking up on an environmentally friendly and non-toxic hair care regimen can be empowering as well as environmentally safe, money conscious, and it may even save you time in your busy schedule.

Bringing your hair care routine home gives you the power to choose the products and the ingredients that impact your hair.

By incorporating natural products into your beauty routine, you can bring the experience of the salon to your home and leave potentially harmful toxins at the door. Think beyond the ease of the salon and take control of your hair care regimen to support healthy hair and a healthy environment.

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