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No matter what happens, your pets are always there for you. They have kept us company through quarantine, helped us stay positive with endless laughs, and loved us unconditionally. Pets are there for us every day, so why not give them all the quality care they deserve? 

When you eat a balanced diet, you might feel better about your body. Your pet’s diet affects their wellbeing in the same way. Just like you know a thoughtful diet meets all your nutritional needs, your pets should have a balanced diet to get all the nutrients they need just like in the wild. A balanced diet for your pet can help their energy levels high and keep them away from chemicals that could potentially harm them. 

Supplements, natural treats, and products without artificial ingredients can make a big difference for your pet’s wellbeing. No more additives or unnecessary synthetic ingredients; instead, you’ll know everything you give your pet is safe for them. 

Natural supplements for all your furry friends

Natural supplements can be a helpful addition to your pet’s diet. Whether your pet needs the benefits for their joints or just a daily dose of necessary vitamins, adding supplements to your pet’s diet can make a difference for their daily lives.

Pet Naturals offers natural wellness supplements for cats and dogs of all sizes. Their supplements meet a variety of your pet’s needs. Looking for something to keep your dog’s fur looking good? Pet Naturals Skin and Coat chews use natural ingredients like vitamin E and salmon oil to care for your pet’s coat. Worried about a sensitive stomach or allergies? Pet Naturals doesn’t use any wheat, corn, or artificial ingredients so your pet can receive all the benefits of a supplement without any tummy problems. Besides, tasty flavors mean their supplements are disguised as irresistible treats!

More of a cat person? Pet Naturals has you covered. Keeping your cat happy and feeling good means making sure they get all the nutrients they need. Just like you might take vitamins to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, your cat can take daily supplements to stay healthy. Daily Multi chews for cats are the perfect addition to your cat’s diet and provide immune system support. With plenty of antioxidants and vitamin B, your best friend will feel extra lively thanks to natural energy support without any dangerous ingredients!

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Let’s talk about teeth

There’s so much more to caring for your dog than just food and exercise. Think about your own daily routine; just like we brush our teeth every day, dogs need dental care, too. Proper dental care for your canine companion helps prevent plaque and keeps their teeth strong for all their favorite chew toys. 

So how do you keep your dog’s teeth looking sharp? One of the easiest ways is brushing their teeth to prevent plaque buildup. Pura Naturals canine toothbrush kits are a solution to keeping your dog’s teeth looking good. Their dental gel even helps get rid of your pet’s bad breath, because everyone knows doggy breath doesn’t necessarily lead to more cuddles with your best friend. Pura Naturals is USDA certified organic and has no dyes, chemicals, or preservatives, so you can give your pet quality dental care at home without worrying about any unnatural ingredients. Worried about struggling to get their teeth nice and clean? With coconut oil, sweet potato, and cinnamon, a chore will be disguised as a tasty treat and something they might look forward to all the time! Coconut oil naturally helps whiten their teeth, too, and every ingredient is important–not just another additive.

Not sure if brushing is a good fit for your pet? Try using dental chews! Perfect for dogs of all sizes, Breath-less Brushless Tooth-Paste chewables are easy to digest and even help get rid of bad breath. With chewables, your pet does all the work. In the form of a treat made with cinnamon, alfalfa, and vanilla, your pooch will be able to enjoy a snack that helps keep their teeth free from plaque. Worried about allergies? These chewables don’t have any yeast, wheat, or dairy. Keeping your pet’s dental health up to par has never been easier; it’s just like giving them a treat!

Did you know helping your pet get clean teeth can be just as simple as having them drink their water? That’s where Ark Naturals Plaque-Zapper fizzy comes in. They help manage your dog or cat’s pH levels, meaning they prevent harmful bacteria from affecting your pet’s dental health while reducing plaque buildup. Just take a packet and add it to your furry companion’s water. There is no taste, odor, or color, so they won’t notice the difference! Just one simple step can help your pet with their hygiene. It’s a natural product and lets your pet do almost all the work! How easy is that?

Cat brushing teeth

Keeping clean for cats and dogs

When it comes to keeping your pet clean, there are plenty of options on the market. But with so many choices, what sets each one apart? At AllPeople, we vet each product and feature environmentally sustainable items that are held to a high standard. When you choose a product for your pet on AllPeople, you’ll know it’s sustainable for the planet. Picking the right shampoo for your furry friend can make a big difference for their skin and coat. Unnecessary additives and chemicals can irritate them, especially in soaps that come into contact with their skin. That’s why choosing a product with more natural ingredients can help keep them feeling comfortable and happy.

Ecos Hypoallergenic Shampoo cuts out irritating additives and is unscented, meaning there are no extra ingredients that might cause a rash. It’s specifically designed to be hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin, meaning it’s unlikely to hurt your furry friend. Instead of using chemicals to clean, Ecos uses plant-derived cleaning agents to get rid of dirt while leaving their coat feeling soft. Prefer scented shampoo? Ecos also has a peppermint shampoo option made with essential oils to soothe your pet’s skin. Everything by Ecos is held to a high standard for the planet, meaning it’s safe for the environment. With natural-based shampoo, you’ll both have a clean dog and help care for the planet.

Other shampoos and conditioners also use natural essential oils to leave your pets smelling pleasantly clean. Petguard Shampoo and Conditioner works for both cats and dogs. Natural ingredients like aloe vera help keep your pet’s skin moisturized and coconut oil is used as the base. It’s paraben free and doesn’t have any artificial dyes, colors, or harmful chemicals so you can take care of your pet without extra stress. Worried about skin problems? Petguard’s non-irritating formula is designed to keep your cat or dog happy without any itching. 

Sometimes, bathtime for your pet can be quite a hassle. Between convincing your cat or dog to get ready for a bath and cleaning up the mess afterwards, keeping your pet clean can take time and effort. Even without a traditional bath, there are still natural options to washing your pet. Ark Naturals Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me is a shampoo you can use without water. It’s easy; just lather the product into your pet’s coat, then either leave it in or wipe off for a faster drying time. It doesn’t leave any residue but still helps moisturize your dog or cat’s skin. The natural botanical formula helps keep your pet clean without any added chemicals, meaning a lower chance of irritation on your furry friend’s skin. 

Say bye to bugs (and chemicals, too!) 

Fleas and ticks can really affect your pet’s comfort and wellbeing; what might seem like a little scratch here and there could mean your cat or dog is struggling with these little bugs. With all the love our furry friends give us, they don’t deserve the discomfort that comes with fleas and ticks. While there are plenty of quick fixes on the market for your pet’s pesky problem, some have chemicals and pesticides that might hurt them and even their human companions! That’s why choosing a product that gets rid of bugs naturally is important. 

When it comes to avoiding bugs, sprays make it simple. Ark Naturals Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! spray gets the job done. It uses non-toxic ingredients like cloves and peppermint. Simply spray on your dog or cat to repel ticks, fleas, and mosquitos to keep their skin free from those bugging irritations. Afterwards, massage the spray into their coat and they’re ready to go! The natural formula means it’s safe for you and your family so everyone can keep playing without any worries about chemicals or bug bites.

Sometimes, those bugs are hard to avoid. Insect bites can be an annoyance for your dog or cat, especially when they get irritated from further scratching. Ark Naturals Neem “Protect” spray can help soothe your pet’s insect bites to stop the itching and help them heal. The neem and citronella extracts in the formula can naturally help your canine or feline companion get rid of their discomfort while helping to protect the environment. Not only is the spray environmentally friendly, but it dissolves in water without bringing in harmful chemicals. Going natural when it comes to pet products isn’t just about you and your furry friend; it’s also about what you can do for the planet!

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Choosing natural goes beyond caring for your pet

It’s true that choosing a natural product helps limit your pet’s exposure to unnecessary additives and chemicals. Some harsh artificial ingredients in pet products can lead to skin irritations and discomfort for your canine and feline friends, and you won’t have to worry about toxic ingredients in your pet’s medications or shampoos. Natural-based treats may also have a more straightforward ingredients list that matches your pet’s dietary needs.

While natural products help your pet, they help you and your family as well. Some pet products, especially flea sprays, can contain toxic ingredients that can be dangerous for humans, too. With natural and family-friendly products, you can spend time with your companions without worrying about your children coming into contact with a harmful chemical on the family pet.

The environment is also affected by your pet’s products. How much time does your pet spend outside? Between bathtime, walks, and backyard play time, your pet comes into contact with the outside world everyday. Soaps or sprays with unnatural ingredients, like artificial fragrances, can be harmful to the environment. 

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When it comes to choosing a product for your pet, think about the bigger picture. It’s more than your best friend; it’s about you, your pet, and the planet.

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