Top 5 Tips for Sustainability at Home

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Top 5 tips for sustainability at home

By Madeleine Pearce

Taking a shower, grabbing a snack, putting on sunscreen -- all things most of us do daily without a second thought. Getting ready for the day seems simple enough, but there might be something sinister hiding behind the packaging of your products or even in the wrappers themselves. Single-use waste, harmful chemicals, and microplastics are all found in common household items. Although they can be convenient, they’re far from sustainable; they harm the environment and the critters that live there, causing permanent damage to ecosystems and polluting the planet we call home.

At AllPeople, we want to make sure we keep the planet safe and habitable for ourselves and future generations. It’s important that we keep our environment healthy so we can continue to use key resources and also to protect other critters who live there. Practicing sustainability at home is the first way you can make a change to show you care about your future. Just a few simple changes in your daily routine can help make a difference for generations to come! 

When it comes to protecting the environment, every effort counts. Look out for environmentally and socially conscious brands to start living sustainably. It doesn’t take much to contribute, so even paying attention to certifications and ingredients on the products you buy can go a long way.

We know you still need the basic personal care items like deodorant, shampoo, and face wash, but we know you also care about yourself and the planet. You can go sustainable while protecting the environment and yourself with products that make an effort to protect our resources. Not only are you protecting the planet with each purchase, but you’re also keeping your body and home free from unnecessary ingredients and chemicals. Keep an eye out for specific additives and ingredients in your products so you can focus on sustainability without changing your whole routine!

Want to know what to look out for before buying a new product for yourself? We have 5 tips for staying sustainable in your own home! They’ll help you make a difference without any major financial cost. Show the planet that you care your way and check out our quick tips below for making a difference from home.

Tip 1: Opt for organics

Next time you visit the grocery store or shop for household essentials, keep an eye out for certified organic labels. Foods and products that aren’t organic may contain preservatives, pesticides, or hormones that you risk exposing yourself to. Basically, non organic means not as natural. You won’t get the same pure product, which means the environment is also exposed to those chemicals. They can end up in water sources and soil, damaging the planet and even our own resources in the long run. Pesticides are known for polluting our rivers and oceans, altering ecosystems that struggle in new toxic conditions. 

Not only do organic foods avoid harmful pesticides, but they’re also higher in antioxidants. Without all the added pesticides and unnatural growth supplements, plants have to make their own vitamins and antioxidants. When they make their own, they also have higher levels of them so you can be certain your body is getting the best treatment possible. Natural products aren’t just better because they don’t have additives--they’re the best thing for your body because they contain the vitamins your body actually needs to stay healthy. 

Many of AllPeople’s products are either completely organic or contain organic ingredients so you know you’ll get the high quality without worrying about hurting the environment or your body.  We want to help you and the planet, so when we can, we opt organic. 

Tip 2: Avoid micro plastics 

Micro plastics are exactly what they sound like—tiny pieces of plastic that come from man-made products and activities. These little plastics are so small that they’re difficult to filter out of waste, often finding their way into water sources where they contaminate the environment and affect different species that consume them by accident. It’s not just the fact that their size makes them so dangerous--they’re often made using chemicals that are dangerous to your health if you consume them. They’re found in many different household and beauty products, especially facial cleansers, toothpaste, and other skincare. With each use, these micro plastics go down your drain and are often hard to get rid of once they enter a water source.

But if they’re so bad, why are micro plastics hiding in your beauty products and rubbing all over your skin? Many products use micro plastics as an exfoliant, working hard to get rid of dirt and grime that builds up on your skin. While they make a difference in your skincare and help keep you clean, other ingredients can do the same without harming the environment. You deserve better than damaging plastic products—AllPeople chooses facial washes with natural ingredients so you don’t have to look through every item on the label to make sure you’re getting only the real thing.

Tip 3: Switch up your sunscreen

If you care about keeping your skin healthy and safe, you know sunscreen is an essential product you should use every day. You also know there’s plenty of options on the market for a variety of prices. There are sunscreens that will help you tan, brands with options for SPF, and even different options for dispensing like creams, sticks, and sprays. Even though it feels like there are an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, remember that not all sunscreen will protect the environment like it protects you. Instead, certain products can contribute to irreversible damage to the natural world. 

While sunscreen is necessary to protect your body from sunburns and even the risk of cancer, many sunscreen brands contain chemicals that pollute oceans and other bodies of water we explore. Even though most chemicals in the product don’t hurt us, they harm some of the most sensitive and essential organisms in the ocean: coral. These underwater creatures are a critical part of aquatic ecosystems and provide homes for many other animals, but the chemicals in sunscreen seriously damage or even kill reefs. 

When you choose your sunscreen, switch it up and grab an eco friendly brand. You can care for the environment while you take care of yourself, especially since what you use might affect our water supply and threatens reefs that make up so much diversity under the sea. AllPeople can guarantee the products you choose from us are safe for your skin and the environment because we vet each one individually. Next time you go to buy your sunscreen, avoid products containing ingredients that hurt aquatic ecosystems. Protect the oceans and yourself when you take the time to use reef-safe sunscreen!

Tip 4: Pay attention to packaging 

Packaging might be on nearly everything you buy, but you probably don’t think about it much. It’s necessary on almost every product, but you throw it away as soon as you need your new item.

Product packaging makes up so much of the waste we throw out every day. Of course, the packaging on our new items is necessary. It tells us everything we need to know; what your item is made out of, where it’s from, and the company that made it.

But as soon as we purchase the product, that packaging ends up in the trash where it may take hundreds of years to decompose. At AllPeople, many items are packaged with eco-friendly materials. Instead of having plastic-based wrappers, many products have paper-based packaging that will break down far more quickly. With eco-friendly packaging, we’re helping reduce our carbon footprint and protecting ecosystems across the planet. Since processing plastics takes up a lot of resources and results in garbage that doesn’t break down for 200 years or more, there will be less waste if you go green and look out for simple packaging. Not only does eco-friendly packaging break down, but it’s made using far fewer chemicals and synthetics. 

Besides, eco-friendly packaging is easy to reuse and recycle. Instead of tearing up plastic, boxes and paper can be recycled and reused later to package a different item. When packaging gets reused or recycled, it decreases the need to make more of it and cuts your carbon footprint in the long run. 

AllPeople brings together people and the environment, prioritizing your health alongside the health of the planet. It’s not complicated; we’re about people and the planet over profit. 

At AllPeople, we know you care about protecting the environment just like us. You’ll find a wide variety of products with eco-friendly packaging for anything from candles to feminine care. Environmentally friendly packaging might not be the first thing on your mind when choosing a product, but when you look for eco-friendly products you help eliminate waste to protect the planet. 

Tip 5: Reuse where possible

Sometimes, plastics are just plain difficult to avoid. They’re found in so many products that it’s nearly impossible to be a modern consumer without involving plastic in your daily life. But with consumers like you taking on the responsibility of caring for the planet, there’s more options for you to buy sustainable products that help reduce the amount of waste entering our planet’s ecosystems. Instead of going straight to the trash, certain plastics can be repurposed to make new items like packaging for products or toys.

Recently, reusable plastics have become an increasingly popular way to reduce plastic consumption and carbon emissions while still giving you access to the products you need. When you buy products made with reused plastics, you help prevent more chemicals from damaging the environment while cutting your carbon footprint. When recycled plastics are used, they take up less energy during production which makes them more efficient to produce. These repurposed plastics won’t have to go through the same processing, limiting the amount of resources that go into their production as well. 

AllPeople partners with companies that make an effort to minimize their environmental impact so you can help contribute to making the world a cleaner place. Some of the products we feature are packaged with reused and recycled plastics so we can stop waste and production from adding to the pollution on our planet. Check out some of our products like Every Man Jack shampoo and Burt’s Bees hand cream for sustainable packaging!

Whether the next item you find yourself needing is a kids toy or just a bottle of body wash, check the label to see what steps the company takes to minimize their impact on the environment so you know your purchase makes a difference. 

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