Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser - Peony Extract + Sunflower Amino Acids - 4 fl oz


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  • Formulated for dry to sensitive skin.
  • Gently cleanses, removes impurities and balances.
  • Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free, Formaldehyde free, Cruelty free
  • 100% VEGAN.

Product Description

Don't be so sensitive! Take a deep breath and relax with this soothing blend of argan estract, peony extract & sunflower amino acids. Rich in hydrating goodness, this gentle creamy cleanser will have your face feeling calm, clean and collected.

About Acure: We are skin & hair wellness enthusiasts who believe in the power of purity to uplift the way you feel. We want to see every action you take lead to a stronger, healthier, more vibrant you that is ready to kick ass and take names. We source the highest quality ingredients for your skin. No parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, paraffin, mineral oil or animal testing allowed! Our products always uplift, for skin & hair that performs at its absolute best and a planet that flourishes.

Manufacturer Certifications: Natural Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging

Third-Party Certifications: CarbonNeutral Certified

Social Corporate Responsibilities: Organic Trade Association, Leaping Bunny, National Organic Program

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