Aloha Bay Tea Light - Red - .7 Oz

Aloha Bay Tea Light - Red - .7 Oz

Aloha Bay

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  • contains no harmful chemicals or solvents 
  • brighter colors with unique crystal patterns 
  • all-vegetable wax 

Country of Origin : United States 

Product Description

Aloha Bay Unscented Tea Lights are made with an all-vegetable "virgin" wax blend that contains no residues of harmful solvents, otherwise known as Palm Wax. They burn hotter then most of the other candles on the markets because of the kind of wax Aloha Bay uses and the wicks that are braided cotton with paper cores. The surface of Palm Wax candles has a unique crystal pattern and brighter colors, thus drawing more of the consumers’ attention.

About Aloha Bay: We choose the name Aloha Bay for our company and trademarked Palm Wax Candles - the flame of the future®. Our first scented candles were votives, traditionally offered in religious ceremonies of gratitude and devotion (blessing). Our palm wax candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and Himalayan salt lamps and accessories improve indoor air quality (breathing). The word "Bay" is meant to invoke the sense of a safe harbor (healthy home environment). Our mission is to provide the purest life-enhancing products sourced from sustainable, fair trade, organic and 'natural occurring' ingredients.

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