Hylands Homepathic Cold 'n Mucus, 4 Kids, 4 Fl Oz

Hylands Homepathic Cold 'n Mucus, 4 Kids, 4 Fl Oz


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4 Fl Oz, 1 Each -- Hyland's 4kids cold 'n mucus uses natural ingredients to relieve mucus congestion in the throat, chest and nose. It also treats coughs, runny noses and sneezing. Sugar-free and dye-free, this product is a healthy alternative to medicines filled with unnatural ingredients and it doesn't cause stimulant side effects. The bottle contains 4 fl. Oz. Of homeopathic medicine.

Ingredients: Bryonia 6x Hpus Purpose Stubborn Mucus In Throat, Cough With Yellowish Mucus Euphrasia Officinalis 6x Hpus Purpose Cough With Mucus In Chest Hepar Sulph Calc 12x Hpus Purpose Cough Up Mucus, Mucus Rattle With Cough, Stubborn Mucus In Chest Natrum Muriaticum 30x Hpus Purpose Accumulation Of Mucus In Throat, Cough Up Mucus Phosphorus 30x Hpus Purpose Cough With Expectoration Of Yellow Mucus, Chest Congestion Pulsatilla 6x Hpus Purpose Accumulation Of Mucus, Discharge Of Thick Yellowish Mucus, Loose Cough

Country of Origin: United States

Keywords: Children, Homeopathic, Relief, Sick

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