Similasan Ear Wax Relief Ear Drops And Ear Wax Removal Kit - 1 Kit


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1 Kit, 1 Each -- Similasan peroxide free ear wax removal kit contains a 10 ml. Bottle of ear wax relief ear drops and 1 ear bulb syringe in each box. Our homeopathic product is formulated with natural active ingredients and intended for the removal of ear wax without the use of peroxide. Similasan ear wax removal kit softens, loosens and removes excessive ear wax to temporarily relieve symptoms, such as a clogged sensation, ringing in the ear, dry skin and itching of the ear canal.

Ingredients: Active, Ear Drops, Purpose Causticum 12x Itching, Wax Build-up Graphites 15x Dryness, Wax Build-up Lachesis 12x Purpose Dryness, Wax Build-up Lycopodium 12x Purpose Wax Build-up Inactive Ingredient, : Vegetable Glycerin

Country of Origin: United States

Keywords: Clogged, Drops, Homeopathic, Ringing, Syringe

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